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Jackson Heights Food Carts

Food carts are not a phenomenon of Manhattan alone.

We've been seeing food carts in Jackson Heights for several years now.

Frequent visitors to Jackson Heights know that food carts can be found on the corner of 74th St (at 37th Ave) and on Broadway (at 73rd St).

sammy's Halal Food Cart on broadway Jackson Heights
Sammy's Halal Food Cart on Broadway (at 73rd St

Vendy award winner Sammy's Halal food cart is on Broadway (at 73rd St).

Unfortunately, we do not see much variety in the offerings of the food carts at Jackson Heights in and around 74th St. It's the same old Chicken Platter, Gyro platter etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a South Indian food cart in Jackson Heights serving Dosas, Idlis, Pakoras and Medhu Vadas with spicy Sambar and yummy Chutney?

Food carts in Jackson Heights do not have as brisk a business as their counterparts in Midtown Manhattan because there are a bunch of Indian restaurants on 74th St offering 15-course All-You-Can-Eat Buffets for $8.95-$10.95.

Another problem food cart vendors in Jackson Heights (near 74th St) face is the absence of a clean area where they can sit and eat.

Jackson Heights Public seting area on 37th road
Dirty Public Seating area in front of Jackson Heights Food Court

The place in front of Jackson Heights Food Court (Old Eagle Theatre) on 37th Road is very dirty.

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