Little India in Jackson Heights NYC

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Jackson Heights in and around 74th St and 37th Avenue in Queens NYC is a major center for Indian stores and restaurants in the greater New York City metropolitan region.

jackson heights 74th st image © 74th St Jackson Heights
Besides the inviting aroma of curry wafting from the Indian restaurants on 74th St, there are several fashion and jewelry stores to entice the ladies.

Of course, there are Indian grocery stores. At least three of them that sell everything including Atta, Vegetables, Achar, Frozen Curries, Paneer, Parathas and more.

Changes in Jackson Heights
Over the last few years, Pakistani and Bangladeshi establishments have also been setting up stores and restaurants in Jackson Heights.

indian taj
Jackson Diner
Grossly Underwhelming
37-47 74th Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Maharaja Sweets & Snacks
Maharaja Sweets
Delicious Sweets
73-10 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

One easy way to identify the Indian restaurants from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants is to look at the menu. Indian restaurants rarely list beef on the menu. Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants are more likely to include beef items. Unlike Indians, Pakis and Bangladeshis do not consider the cow as a Holy Animal.

We've been visiting the 74th St area in Jackson Heights for over 15 years and in some respects not much has changed.

The place still remains dirty with a lot of litter and Paan (beetle leaf juice) stains on the sidewalks.

Parking is still a pain in the area. Indians park haphazardly all over the place. By the way, did you know that there's a paid-parking facility on 75th St.

With reviews of several Indian restaurants like Jackson Diner, Tawa Tandoor, Dosa Delight, Maharaja Sweets, Rajbhog, Indian Taj, is your best starting point to explore the many splendors of Indian cuisine in Jackson Heights.

Getting to Jackson Heights
Jackson Heights is conveniently accessible by subway. The train station is at 74th St, Broadway and Roosevelt Ave.

Jackson Heights station is served by 7, E and F trains at all times, the R at all times except late nights and the M weekdays except late nights (Source: Wiki).

On weekends, the area around 73rd St, 74th St and 37th Ave can get crowded with Indians, Bangladeshis and Americans thronging the area.