Delhi Palace 74th St Jackson Heights

Delhi Palace
37-33 74th Street
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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Delhi Palace, Jackson Heights (File Photo)

Delhi Palace Jackson Heights Review:Trashy Indian Food, Poor Service

Few Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights or Manhattan can match Delhi Palace when it comes to serving bad Indian food.

Much of what we tried at Delhi Palace, be they appetizers, entrees (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) or desserts, falls in the horribly bad category.

How this lousy Jackson Heights Indian restaurant manages to survive is a mystery known but to the Lord.

Lousy Appetizers
Dal Vada was not crisp enough and the dough inside put forth an offensively unpalatable raw flavor.

As if that were not bad enough, the accompanying Coconut Chutney lacked the requisite chilies rendering it inedible.

Mint Chutney was a double-insult - tasteless and cold.

Sambar was a watery abomination that was low on Tamarind and not enough Dal in it.

Chicken Lollipop was a tasteless monstrosity that left us in tears.

Horrible Entrees
Tandoori Chicken suffered from poor marination and was unworthy of being offered to any living creatures, let alone humans.

Bhindi do Piaza was a big letdown as the Bhindi pieces were not tender.

Mutter Paneer nor Channa Saag were lukewarm, flavor-deprived and lacked the alluring taste of freshly-cooked food. Not in the least fresh, Channa Sag had the offensive taste of having been prepared eons back.

One human would not offer such miserable 'food' to another unless he was utterly depraved.

Chicken Tikka Masala was the same reddish junk that you encounter at scores of Indian restaurants in NYC.

Fish Moli in a medium-thick gravy packed some flavor but didn’t thrill us.

These jokers couldnt even get the humble Naan Bread right. What came to our table was brittle like the South Indian Dosa.

Say, how hard is it to get the Naan Bread right?

Disgusting Masala Dosa
Masala Dosa, a popular South Indian dish from the state of Tamil Nadu, was an utter travesty.

Lacking any flavor, it was a testament to the inept bozos manning Delhi Palace's kitchen.

The dough was not fermented enough and the potato filling inside was hopelessly bland.

Uttapam was not even lukewarm but tasty but again the lousy accompaniments of the horrid Chutneys and Sambar gave us no pleasure.

By the way, the Chicken Biryani was overcooked and lacked the strong succulent aroma of Biryani.

Delhi Palace Desserts – Mixed Bag
Sooji Halwa was watery, low on sugar, low on ghee, low on taste.

Ras Malai was pathetic. The milk syrup lacked flavor and was watery and the white ball offered a raw taste.

Rice Pudding was one of the few delights of a bad lunch. Rich and creamy with almond slices and raisins, it was delicious.

Service – No Good
When we walked into Delhi Palace around 11:45AM the other day, the restaurant was deserted with not enough the staff around. After waiting near the entrance for a couple of minutes, we walked in and found ourselves a table.

Several items on the buffet table lacked labels until we were well into our meal.

Some trays were empty and filled in much later (Chicken Lollipop and Bhindi).

Chicken Lollipop and Uttapam lacked seerving tongs and there were no cups for the Sambar.

Delhi Palace – Clueless Jokers
To describe Delhi Palace as an Indian restaurant would be to engage in wild exaggeration.

With its appalling food and the poor service, Delhi Palace is showing its contempt to paying diners.

These fellas are clueless jokers. Folks, do not even consider visiting Delhi Palace, if you are passionate about Indian food.- ©

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