Jackson Heights Indian Buffet

Jackson Heights has been a Mecca of Indian food for over three decades.

Most Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights are located on 74th St, 37th Ave and adjoining streets.

Jackson Heights Indian Buffet Food image © DesiJacksonheights.com
Tandoori Chicken, Pakora, Entrees at a Lunch Buffet

With the exception of a few like Maharaja that offer lunch Thalis, Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights such as Tawa Tandoor, Mumbai Grill, Delhi Heighhts, Jackson Diner and Indian Taj offer all-you-can-eat buffet for lunch and a la carte menu for dinner.

Jackson Heights Indian Buffets - Best Choice

Whether you are a passionate fan of Indian food or trying it for the first time, your best choice at an Indian restaurant is the Buffet.

If you love your wallet, as a rule avoid a la carte meals at Jackson Heights Indian restaurants.

A la carte prices at Jackson Heights Indian restaurants are ridiculously high, quality inconsistent, serving size small and service sometimes below par.

Jackson Heights Masala Dosa image © DesiJacksonheights.com
Masala Dosa with Chutneys, Sambar

Jackson Heights Indian restaurants provide value for money only with lunch buffets.

Jackson Heights Indian buffets usually offer a combination of vegetarian and meat curries, Naan bread, rice, appetizers like Pakora, Mirchi Bajji, Idly and Samosa, Tandoori Chicken and desserts (usually Rice Kheer, Gulab Jamun or Gajar Halwa).

And lunch buffet at some restaurants come with Masala Dosa as well during weekends.

Buffet meals during weekdays are a bit cheaper compared to the weekends.

Here's a short list of Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights offering Lunch and/or Dinner Buffet:

Lunch Buffet
  • Jackson Diner
    37-47 74th St
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Weekdays - $9.95 11:30AM-4PM
    Weekends - $10.95 11:30AM-4PM

  • Indian Taj
    37-25 74th St
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Mon-Fri - $9.95 11:30AM-4PM
    Sat & Sun - $10.95 11:30AM-4PM

  • Delhi Heights
    37-66 74th St
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Mon-Sun - $9.95 11:30AM-4PM
  • Lunch & Dinner Buffet
  • Mumbai Grill
    37-33 74th St
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Lunch Buffet
    Mon-Fri - $9.95 11:30AM-4PM
    Sat & Sun - $10.95 11:30AM-4PM
    Dinner Buffet
    Mon-Fri - $10.95 4PM-10:30PM
    Sat & Sun - $11.95 4PM-10:30PM

  • Tawa Tandoor
    37-56 74th St
    Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    Lunch Buffet
    Mon-Thu - $9.95 11:30AM-4PM
    Fri- Sun - $11.95 11:30AM-4PM
    Dinner Buffet
    Mon-Thu - $10.95 4PM-11PM
    Fri-Sun - $11.95 4PM-11PM

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