Jackson Heights Library

Jackson Heights Library on 81st Street (off 37th Ave) is a bustling hub of activity.

The library is a short walk from the Indian hub on 74th St.

Besides a well-stocked book collection, the library also offers free Internet access.

But there are not enough Internet-equipped computers in the library and we see youngsters waiting for their turn.

queens library in jackson heights
Jackson Heights Library
35-51 81st St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Ph: 718-899-2500

Don't be surprised to see plenty of Indians, Bangladeshis, Nepalis and Chinese youngsters thronging the Jackson Heights library to update their Facebook pages or rsearch homework assignments.

The library also has two rest-rroms and a system for self-checkout of books.

The library prohibits charging of iPhones and iPad tablets. We've occasionally charged our iPhone at the library but when the staff sees us they politely ask us to unplug it.

Jackson Heights Library - Problems
The unfortunate part of the Jackson Heights Library is that it's way too small to handle the heavy demands imposed on it.

Often when we are at the library, we find there are no chairs to sit and browse the newspapers and magazines.

Another distressing aspect of the Jackson Heights Library is that some of the patrons engage in loud conversation and the staff makes no effort to quiet them.

Also, the hours of the library has been reduced.

It's unpardonable that a library should be closed on Sundays.

Sadly, schools and libraries in New York City are getting short-shrift under the Bloomberg administration.

Jackson Heights Library Hours
Monday - 9AM-8PM
Tuesday - 2PM-7PM
Wed-Fri - 11AM-7PM
Saturday - 10AM-5:30PM
Sunday Closed

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