Mehfil Jackson Heights Review

76-05 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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Mehfil is Closed

Mehfil Jackson Heights: Horrid Indian Food

Based on long years of dining out, we'd unequivocally declare that most Indian restaurants in the NY/NJ area are not fit for humans.

Some are not suitable even for animals.

And then there are the rare few like Mehfil in Jackson Heights that are unsuitable even for Aliens visiting from distant galaxies.

All Round Pain
It was bad Karma that drew us to Mehfil the other day.

We were misled by some of the favorable reviews on other sites.

Sadly, a lot of Indian restaurant reviews on other sites are penned by clueless bozos utterly unfamiliar with Indian food. Have keyboard, ergo will type nonsense seems to be the leitmotif of many reviewers these days.

Located on 37th Avenue and 76th St in Jackson Heights, a couple of blocks from the Indian hub on 74th St, Mehfil has been around for a couple of years.

We used to pass by the restaurant on our way to the Jackson Heights library but never found the time to stop.

During our latest visit to Jackson Heights, we were determined to stop by at Mehfil and sample its wares.

And so we did.

Much to our infinite regret.

mehfil samosa & mixed veg curry
Horrid Samosa, Tasteless Mixed Veg Curry

It seemed as if all of Satan's minions had congregated inside Mehfil's kitchen with the mission of inflicting hideous, maximum, unrelenting pain on unsuspecting souls who walked in.

From the horrid vegetable Samosa with its tasteless potato filling to the dry rice to the awful Tandoori items, Mehfil is a restaurant that screams its inadequacies.

How a restaurant can screw up basic fare like Samosa or Mixed Vegetable Curry or Tandoori Chicken and still claim to serve Indian cuisine is hard for sane minds to fathom. Must be the Himalayan heights of incompetence.

The restaurant is a simple affair, nothing fancy about the place.

Two rows of tables with a small corridor in between.

Tandoori Items - Clueless or Callous
Tandoori items are standard stuff in most Indian restaurants in NYC.

Cooked in a Tandoor (Indian clay oven) after proper marination with a mixture ofyogurt and spices, they're a royal treat when done well.

But the two Tandoori items at Mehfil - Tandoori Chicken and Fish Tandoori - were Katrinaesquedisasters.

Hopelessly badly marinated, both left a horrible taste in the mouth that lingered.

Chicken Tikka Masala is another fixture at Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights and Manhattan as well. Alas, that too turned out to be a travesty here.

While the gravy was at least edible, the chicken had a weird medicinal taste (no kidding) and a horrid hard texture.

We shudder to think what might have given it the weird taste.
mehfil fish tandoori, chicken tikka masala & tandoori chicken
Awful Fish Tandoori (top left), Tandoori Chicken (right),
Chicken Tikka Masala

Mehil is an equal opportunity offender.

Satan does not squander any opportunity in his torturous mission.

mehfil veg curries
Horrid Alu Gobi (bottom left), Zucchini,
Mixed Veg Curry (bottom right) & Samosa

The restaurant's lack of expertise on the vegetarian side was as evident as on the meat side.

None of the vegetable curries we tried had any flavor.

And we tried several - Alu Gobi, Zucchini, Karahi Paneer, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Palak and Channa Masala.

Alu Gobi was so Godawful that we wondered if we were eating raw vegetables.

Although a mildly spiced item, Karahi Paneer is one of our favorite Indian dishes. But the one at Mehfil in an yellow-orange-colored watery gravy had us writhing in agony. It was so utterly bereft of flavor.

Even the humble Dal Makhani surrendered before the rank amateurs in Mehfil's kitchen.

Completely devastated at being subject to a fusillade of bad curries from Mehfil's kitchen, we gave a plaintive cry, Oh God, Where did these jokers learn their trade? At the feet of Satan?

Mehfil Desserts - Fruit Custard, Rice Pudding
Fruit Custard was another letdown.

Sugarless Fruit Custard

Not in the least sweet and not in the least flavorful, it was a big disappointment for those with a sweet tooth.

In a rare act of mercy, Mehfil's kitchen delivered a decent Rice Pudding.

mehfil rice pudding
Decent Rice Pudding
We wouldn't say it was spectacular but it was the tallest midget in the menagerie.

Sweet but not overly so it was a pleasant end to an overall very unpleasant meal.

mehfil veg curries
Board Outside Mehfil
Pleasing Service
The two girls at Mehfil would be an asset to any Indian restaurant.

Polite, attentive and blessed with a pleasing demeanor, they were a polar opposite to the horrible food.

Our water glasses were refilled without our prompting, finished plates removed with alacrity after checking with us and they even inquired if we wanted water with or without ice.

Such solicitous service in Indian restaurants is rare. Extremely rare.

Of the scores of Indian restaurants in Manhattan, Jackson Heights and Long Island we've dined in, Mehfil counts among the very worst.

What we experienced at Mehfil was not a meal but a depravity that no human, animal or alien should ever be subjected to. - ©

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